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Anonymous asked: What volunteering work did you do? I was wondering because teachers at college say I need volunteering work for my UCAS application x

None! Really? I have to do lots at the moment because I’m head-boy… Maybe that covers it?

Anonymous asked: oh my, i love Ludovico Einaudi, and the way you play I Giorni is just beautiful

Thanks, you’re my favourite!!!!

Anonymous asked: do you accept everybody on snapchat? i'm just asking because i'd love to add you but only if i knew you would accept, and i wouldn't like to feel silly ..

Yeah I do!

badwolfbradley asked: Why are boys from England hot?

You clearly haven’t watched The Jeremy Kyle Show before!

Anonymous asked: Do you still work at lush or do you have a new job?

I’m back at Lush now! (Check out their Instagram by the way, @lushswindon) and I’m also working at my gym!

Anonymous asked: i am legitimately in love w/ you and if you go to reading my life will b complete

You’re cute, ty! I am going, I bought my ticket a few months ago!!

Who’s going to Reading Festival this year?

Anonymous asked: what type of music you like?

Anything! Well… Excluding Satanic metal and that auto-tuned “reggae” crap

Anonymous asked: You're freaking beautiful😻 how old are you?x

Aw thank-you! 😊 I’m 17! x


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Anonymous asked: What's your snapchat?