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Running in that heat was fun……………………,
Facebook taught me how to make a very poor apple swan. His name is Big Dave
Josh really loves that ball @joshhitt

Playing some Jazz tonight 🎼

John Legend - All of me (Cover by 13 year old Marlee Ferguson) - YouTube

Everyone please check this out! Marlee is 13 and is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: Where did your instagram account go? :(

It’s still there! @rossjrthorburn

Sam Smith - Stay with me (cover by Abi Taylor) - YouTube

Abi and I have finally uploaded one of our covers! Check it out on YouTube! @abitaylor9

Warner Bros

Warner Bros



I’m sorry but I will not cease to reblog this until i get the fame i deserve for spending 45 minutes of my time downloading randoms apps on my iphone to spell out this dumb fuck internet meme do you hear me

may it rain notes
Hey @abitaylor9