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Starbucks with this sexy mofo @jacktopus
Well needed
Walking in this heat and an all black uniform is a bad combo. ☀️☀️
I’m going on an adventure
Running in that heat was fun……………………,
Facebook taught me how to make a very poor apple swan. His name is Big Dave
Josh really loves that ball @joshhitt

Playing some Jazz tonight 🎼

John Legend - All of me (Cover by 13 year old Marlee Ferguson) - YouTube

Everyone please check this out! Marlee is 13 and is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: Where did your instagram account go? :(

It’s still there! @rossjrthorburn

Sam Smith - Stay with me (cover by Abi Taylor) - YouTube

Abi and I have finally uploaded one of our covers! Check it out on YouTube! @abitaylor9

Warner Bros