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Bring Me the Horizon - Drown

"Don’t let me drown…"

Anonymous asked: Can I marry you?😍


Had to spend the whole third day (and now night) of Fresher’s in bed because of food poisoning 😭😩
Miss my little wingman already 😭
Bye Swindon. πŸ˜­πŸ˜” I love you all so fucking much ❀️
Bye Swindon 😭 I love you all so fucking much ❀️

Anonymous asked: Yay you're posting on here again! 😊 I've missed you x

Miss you too!!! X

So Abi and I did another cover! Ed Sheeran - Thinking out loud! Check it out on YouTube! Just type in ‘Ross Thorburn’ and click on my channel! @abitaylor9

MASSIVE HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER! @bootsmfru Have a good day dude! 🎢
My broski @danielbaynham
Thursday in Edinburgh!


Sam Smith x Asap Rocky
Feels x Purple Swag

Yooo this is insane