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DUNBAR TODAYYYYYYYY. Had to buy a second ticket though because I apparently had the wrong one. Fucking joke

Abi and I did a cover of - Only Exception. It’s a wide screen video which is why it’s panned in on me 😩

Brooooooo at YMAS @bootsmfru
My bro is finally 18! Happy birthday man! Ly πŸŽ‰πŸ’• @cameron__allan
Love these guys @bootsmfru @_aarondavis @sam_pom
Been speaking to @bell_williams for over three years and I finally met her for the first time at Reading on Friday! Mental! xx
They do what they want @will_harding71 @danielbaynham

Anonymous asked: Do you have snapchat ?


Even though I actually achieved the grades they asked for, it took them a day and a half to confirm my place. But hey, I’m now officially a student at The University Of Liverpool! Can’t wait ☺️

Anonymous asked: are you completely straight?

180 degreeeees

Legs and forearms tuesday 😷

Reading Festival!

Let me know if any of you are going to Reading Festival this year! Be awesome to meet peopleeeee

We’re playing at an art exhibition tomorrow for two freakin’ hours 🎷

Anonymous asked: Aw nooo im so bummed that youre going to reading instead of leeds fest! I so wanted to meet you:(

Sorry!!! 😩